Moisture Control Services

Moisture Control

Elevated moisture levels in your crawlspace creates a perfect environment for all wood destroying organisms that include, wood destroying fungi (wood rot), and wood destroying insects, all of which cause structural damage to your home. If you have water entering your crawlspace and standing, or humidity causing condensation buildup on ductwork and hanging wet insulation in your crawlspace, AAAA Bugman can eliminate your problem with our crawlspace moisture control systems that we guarantee to keep moisture conditions in check. All of our technicians can inspect, evaluate, and install any of our moisture control options whether you need a complete control system, or just a vapor barrier, give us a call to schedule your free inspection and see our very competitive prices and high quality work.

Moisture Control Options

  1. Crawlspace Water Intrusion Control
    • Crawlspace Drain System(Gravity Flow Exit Line or Sump Pump)
    • Vent Wells
    • Gutter Extensions
    • Seal Foundation around pipes at possible water entry points
  2. Crawlspace Humidity Control System
    • Dehumidification System(Dehumidifier, Vent Fan, Close Ventilation, Moisture Barrier)
    • Moisture Barrier (100% ground cover)

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